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Catholic workers celebrates 20 years of feeding the homeless

January 28, 2013

Volunteer Judy Gailbreath smiles and greets some of the homeless as they enter the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House for breakfast.
About 200 people celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House of Corpus Christi on Jan. 20, including many whom were homeless. The anniversary was celebrated on a day volunteers and staff served the homeless.

On Jan. 15, 1993, Ann Fitz, now director of the Catholic Worker House, opened her home as a Catholic Worker House for homeless alcoholic men in recovery and began taking breakfast to the streets in front of City Hall from the trunk of a Nissan Sentra .

Many of the first supporters and volunteers are still helping today. Generous grants from the Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation help keep the house operational, Fitz said.

Fitz gives out food bags, household goods, clothes and blankets daily to neighbors and clients in need.

The day was casual as people drifted in and out during the day. Visitors were served spiral ham and several baked goodies.

On the third Sunday of every month people of the streets of Corpus Christi know they can get hot biscuits and gravy on 210 S. Carrizo Street.

Ann Fitz leads a prayer of thanksgiving before serving breakfast.

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